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In the Doctoral Program in Design, the following are offered: Constructive Art and Theory of Constructive Expression explore theoretical aspects of plastic art; Plastic Art and Mixed Media studies art work using contemporary media; Visual Communication Design and Visual Communication Expression examines how the property in media affects human sensibility; and Color Planning discuss research made on environmental colors and color planning. Theory of Planning in Product and Industrial Design looks into product design through form and its function; Theory of Landscape Design discusses issues in landscape design in green tracts of land, parks and residential areas; Principles of Urban Design examines the process of urban city formation and the changes in thoughts of the dwellers as well as the changes in systems surrounding them; Building Construction discusses how building techniques have changed through time, Theory of Contemporary Architecture discusses the changing trend in contemporary buildings in Japan and western countries; Methodology of Architectural Planning and Theory of Environmental Behavior examines desirable qualities in the residential environment; and Theory of Environmental Design discusses methodology, theory and issues of passive design in architecture and urban cities.

Doctoral Thesis (Design)

佐藤 布武

山本 美希

大竹 由夏


大脇 なぎさ

串山 久美子

岩田 祐佳梨


庄 怡
Acceptability of Design and Color of Outdoor Advertising in Historical Urban Areas in China and Japan(日中の歴史的な街並におけるデザインと配色を考慮した屋外広告物の許容)

趙 麗華

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