Field of Art

The Program in Art and Design offers doctoral programs in research and education in the following scholarly areas:

Japanese Art History, Western Art History, Art Environment Support, andArt Education. All of these principally involve theoretical research, require the students to possess knowledge in a specific area of expertise and a capacity for intellectual inquiry, and foster an in-depth understanding of and sensitivity to art and design. Having a specialized education, students are well-informed to carry out independent research by continuing their theoretical studies with a high level of expertise as they explore the various theoretical issues relating to fine arts theory and art education.

For programs that principally involve production research, students are required to have the creative attitude and expressive ability to establish their own world of expression. By fostering their ability to think analytically and rationally, the students train as highly capable specialists. In Western-style Paintingand Nihonga (Japanese-style painting), students learn high-level skills and drawing theory with regard to painting, and engage in an academic study of the production process. In Carving and Modeling, a form of three-dimensional representation, students learn about historically prominent statues and sculptures, and engage in theoretical and practical production research. We also offer courses in Sho-calligraphy, a cultural art form shared by other East Asian countries. Students undertake scholarly research on Sho-calligraphy and its history as well as techniques of expression, and the outcomes of such research are reflected in the works of art they create.

This program aims to cultivate well-educated researcherswith a wide range of knowledge andadvanced research skills in art and design, as well as advanced professionals who possess outstanding expert knowledge and practical skill.

Doctoral Thesis (Art)

大﨑 綾子

小野 修平
ヨルク・シュマイサーの<変化シリーズ>研究 −多版多色刷り銅版画技法の潜在的特性と表現の発展性について−

春原 史寛
岡本太郎研究 −戦後日本美術の受容と芸術家イメージ

箕輪 佳奈恵

湯澤 美麻
カスパー・ダーヴィト・フリードリヒの作品における地平線・水平線及び視点の設定 −空をモチーフとした絵画表現の分析及び制作実践−

中尾 泰斗

渡部 直

城山 萌々
瑛九のリトグラフと版による表現 −再現制作に基づく考察−


安生 成美

太下 義之

中川 三千代
デルスニスと日仏芸術社 −展覧会活動を中心に−

林 みちこ
明治政府の対外美術戦略に関する研究 −1910年日英博覧会をめぐって

宮崎 みどり
彫刻における情景の表現 −近代日本彫刻の分析と制作実践を通して−

宮本 温子


徐 英杰

佐藤 絵里子

小川一眞研究 −撮影・印刷・出版 近代日本と写真−


有田 洋子

正岡 知晃

山本 将之
清水多嘉示の塑造表現 -具象彫刻における構築性の追求-

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