Takuro Osaka, Professor
Project leader
Research and creation on the subject of light, life & the universe
Toshiharu Omuka, Professor
Project sub-leader
Research on the trends of art of the early 20th century
Kenji Kubota, Associate Professor
Project sub-leader
Research on art management & production, art curator
Jun Sasamoto, Professor
Research on pictorial representations, illustrated books & manga
Takemi Mori, Professor
Research on the formative elements
of two-dimensional expression & its
Takamasa Kuniyasu, Associate Professor
Research on environmental
development of form & design
through the lens of 20th century
art history & theory
Toshihisa Saito, Associate Professor
Research on the power of
expression through sculpture with
a focus on the production of
materials such as ceramic & iron
Naoki Tajima, Associate Professor
Study and fabrication of
copperplate prints
Sayoko Tanaka, Associate Professor
Research on visual information
& graphic design
Toshio Naoe, Associate Professor
History of Art education (in Japan
and abroad) and the development
of academic methods for schools
& museums
Sari Yamamoto, Associate Professor
Research on environmental
surroundings with respect to
color planning
Tsuyoshi Hashimoto,Assistant Professor
Research on architecture & urban
design in harmony with the natural
Tadanobu Hara, Assistant Professor
Creation and research on branding,
design method & social structure
Katsuto Miyahara, Assistant Professor
Research on sculptural expression
using wood & lacquer elements
Fumihaki Murakami,Assistant Professor
Research on mixed media
& interactive art
Yuta Kamiura,Assistant Professor
Research on the formative elements
of three-dimensional expression
& its creation
Gojinmaru Hayashi,Chief Technical Official
Research on Contemporary Art
& organization of workshops
Junya Kataoka, Researcher
Head of Project Research
Mari Sawada, Project Manager
General administration of the project