CR Completion Certificate Awarding Ceremony

On Mar. 25 (Fri), the Awarding Ceremony for the Certificate of Completion of the Creative Reconstruction Project was held.
Twenty undergraduate students and 5 graduate students were awarded the Certificate of Completion. We wish them all a bright and successful future.

The CR Project that has been going on for 4 years will now come to an end.
We regret that the project will end while the path to recovery from the catastrophic earthquake is still underway. In the 4 years, there were things we were able to accomplish and things we could not, but we hope that the participants will take them to their hearts and continue, each in their own way, the activities that they were involved in.
The project was able to continue to this day with the help and support of many people.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to everyone we met through our activities and gave us support. Thank you very much! (Iida)
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