On Mar. 11, “Iwaki Note (FUKUSHIMA VOICE)” on YouTube for free viewing.

The full version of the documentary movie, “Iwaki Note (FUKUSHIMA VOICE)”, will be on YouTube for free viewing on Mar. 11, Friday, 5 years after the catastrophic earthquake. At the same time, “iwaki 2016.2.5”, a video in which, this February, the student directors revisited and interviewed the people who had appeared in the original movie will also be shown.
Along with the upload, the website of “Iwaki Note (FUKUSHIMA VOICE)” has been renewed, too. Here, as well as being able to view the movie, comments by the student directors who shot the movie, the story of the movie, explanation of the words mentioned in the movie are shown. The website is available in English as well.
We would like as many people as possible to see the movie. Please pass on the information to anyone who has not yet seen the movie. Thank you in advance!


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