REPORT: Art Project Presentation at Ishigenishi Junior High School Festival

The art project related to the Ishigenishi Junior High School of Joso, which had to be torn down due to the disaster, was introduced during the school culture festival (Nishichu Festival).

October 27, 2012 (Saturday)

Location: Joso City Regional Exchange Center, Entrance Hall

The team carefully selected pieces from the art project exhibition which was held at the Tsukuba University Festival and borrowed the venue of the Nishichu Festival to feature them again.
The show consisted of works created by school students during the summer holiday workshops along with others by Tsukuba students and faculty, all of which utilized objects found in the demolished school building.

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Report : « Art Project in collaboration with the Ishigenishi Junior High School »

The Joso team has planned an exhibition to showcase the results of their art project in collaboration with the students and faculty of Ishigenishi Junior High School, whose school building was levelled following the disaster. Here is the report:
Dates: Saturday October 6th, 2012 to Monday October 8th (holiday)
Location: Tsukuba University festival “Soho Festival” / room 204 of the 6A building in the Art area

The team introduced the different steps of the project using panels on the black board, pictures and the display of actual objects found in the school building, and also worked to exhibit pieces the school students completed during the summer holiday workshop along with the work of the Tsukuba students and teachers. All the creations used materials and artifacts found in the demolished former school building.
Many people attended this exhibition. Among them were not only the regular visitors of the school festival, but also pupils and faculty from Ishigenishi Junior High School, guarantors, alumni, etc. The show appeared to be quite a success as we feel we managed to convey the sentiment of loss that the people of Ishigenishi experienced as well.
The exhibition is scheduled to be displayed at the Ishigenishi school festival too, on October 27th .

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Joso Team : Art Project in collaboration with the Ishigenishi Junior High School

The Joso team is contributing to the University of Tsukuba Festival (Soho Festival). They are presenting a report on the workshop they organized at the Ishigenishi Junior High School, along with an exhibition of the artworks created by teachers and students. The pieces in this exhibit were all made with objects and fragments that were left after school building was torn down.

In the entrance, the school flag is displayed.
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Announcement : Participation in the Art Festival

The Joso team is participating in the University of Tsukuba Festival (Soho Festival) that will take place from Saturday October 6th through Monday October 8th. The Joso team has been joining forces with the Ishigenishi Junior High School in Joso City, one of the institutions that had to be rebuilt following the disaster. The team will present the results of their activities. The students are very busy preparing with the approach of tomorrow’s presentation.

Location : 2nd floor of the 6A building in the Sports/Art area

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Vision Formulation : Assignment – Class Presentation

During the summer holidays, 7 teams have been formed to conduct research in various areas as an exercise related to the Vision Formulation.

Today the groups presented the research results to their classmates. Each team utilized a different approach to the reconstruction, which gave rise to a rich and compelling discourse among the students. We aspire to continue working towards the realization of each of these plans. (Kataoka)

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Report on the Art Project in collaboration with the Ishigenishi Junior High School, Joso City

Report on the Art Project in collaboration with the Ishigenishi Junior High School
We are pursuing our art project in conjunction with the Ishigenishi Junior High School. The school itself was bulldozed following the disaster and now operates out of a prefab building. As one aspect of this project, we headed to the Ishigenishi School during the summer holidays in order to organize a workshop on plastic arts. The report is as follows:
Thursday July 26th, 2012
8:30 – 16:30
Location: Joso Municipal Ishigenishi Junior High School, Prefab school, Art classroom
Participants: 26 students of the Ishigenishi School, Art department / 1 art teacher
10 students of the University of Tsukuba, Art department / 2 professors

Project Details:
(1) Creation of artworks by encapsulating in resin small objects found in the old school building
(2) Fabrication of wall-mounted magnets reusing hooks from the hallway of the old school building
We think the pupils were happy. The workshop went smoothly because we planned out the process and prepared the materials and tools ahead of time. We benefited from the help of the students of University of Tsukuba starting from the preparation stage, but on the day of the workshop, they got along very well with the pupils and really did a good job. The creations will be exhibited for the University of Tsukuba School Festival (October 6th to 8th) and for the Ishigenishi School festival (October 27th). (Sasamoto)

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Launch of the CR project’s webpage

We are proud to present the website for the Creative Reconstruction Project! This page will serve as a platform for announcements and reports related to the program. For reference, this project will be commonly called the « CR Project », as an abbreviation of « Creative Reconstruction Project ». (Kataoka)

Joso City : Ishigenishi Junior High School

Since the earthquake, significant cracks have appeared in the pillars and walls of the school building. As a consequence, the school was condemned and must be leveled. We went to visit the school in order to find out if there was something we could do for the pupils and alumni to keep the history and memories alive. (Kataoka)