Notice about ”Creative Reconstruction Program” Orientation Session

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An overall orientation session for the “Creative Reconstruction Program” will be carried out. Those of you who are thinking of taking the following classes, or are interested in the Creative Reconstruction Program, please come and attend. We will give you a summary of the “Creative Reconstruction Program” classes as well as about last year’s activities and about new projects that will begin this year. (Akagi)
Date & Time: Apr. 10 (Thursday), 18:15 – 19:15

Place: 5C216

List of Classes for “Creative Reconstruction Program”

Creative Reconstruction Special Assignments I (01EB081)
Creative Reconstruction Off-Campus Special Assignment I (01EB082)

Creative Reconstruction Special Course on Art Theory (01EB083)

Creative Reconstruction: Psychological Support After Crisis (Y505101・HB21131)

Creative Reconstruction: Vision Formulation I (Y505201・AC42161・AC63541)
Creative Reconstruction: Catastrophe & Art(Y505401)

Creative Reconstruction: Vision Formulation Assignments (Y635102・AC42182・AC63562・FH53072)

Creative Reconstruction: Off-Campus Challenge Assignments (Y635202)

Creative Reconstruction: Science Visualization Assignments (Y635302)
Creative Reconstruction: Hybrid Art Assignments (Y635402)
Creative Reconstruction: Problem Finding/Solving Exercises (Y635502)

Creative Reconstruction: Off-Campus Challenge Special Assignments (Y635602)