Learn & Have Fun: Disaster Prevention Team’s Report Exhibition

An exhibition of the Disaster Prevention team’s report is being held at 6A Entrance gallery.
Photos from the disaster prevention game carried out on a slope at the Takahagi Industrial Recovery Festival last November and the Takahagi-shi Disaster Prevention booklet that the team created are on display. Please come and see the exhibit, “Learn & Have Fun: Disaster Prevention Team Report”.
Date & Time: Jan. 27 (Monday) to Feb. 9 (Sunday), 9:00-17:00
Venue: 6A Entrance Gallery





Disaster Prevention Team organized Disaster Prevention Game at Takahagi Industrial Recovery Festival

On Nov. 16, 17, the Disaster Prevention Team participated in the Takahagi Industrial Recovery Festival held in Takahagi-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture, and organized a disaster prevention game on a slope.
By conducting the game on a slope that would be the evacuation route at a time of an earthquake, it would increase the sense of awareness for disaster prevention.
At the signal to start, the participants climbed the slope, and at 2 points on the slope scattered were small articles from which they had to pick up goods necessary for evacuation and run up to the goal.   Adults and children both carefully chose the disaster prevention goods and energetically ran up the slope.  A disaster prevention map of the Takahagi station area created by the disaster prevention team was also handed out to the participants in preparation for a disaster.  The booklet will be distributed by Takahagi City Office as a support item for the citizens to help themselves in case of a disaster.  (Iida)