Empathy Team, “Hug me, Iwaki”

The first free hug event that the Empathy team carried out on July 18 has been uploaded to the YouTube. Please take a look. (Akagi)
In conducting the “Hug me, Iwaki”, we came to realize that there are many different sorts of divides and that people all have individual awareness of the issues. We hoped to link together “people living in Iwaki” and “people visiting Iwaki” and “people who are away from Iwaki”. Despite the differences in circumstances and awareness, we believe that the free hug is a gesture that we can all share. 
 By filming the event and uploading to the network, we are also delivering a sense of involvement to the “people who are away from Iwaki”.

Workshop: Hand-made Christmas Wreaths

On Dec. 14, the CR Empathy Team participated in a Christmas event at Izumitamatsuyu Temporary Housing in Izumi, Iwaki-city.  It a large scale housing estate where 200 families from Tomioka-cho, near the nuclear power plant, are living.  The awareness of the residents is high and they get together and conduct events on a regular basis.
The Christmas event was organized by resident volunteers and volunteers from outside the area.  Wreath-making using woolen yarn by 9 students from the Social Engineering course and Art and Design course started at 9:30 in the morning and was over in about an hour.  Twenty groups, over 50 people ranging from a 3 year-old to the elderly, participated and enjoyed working together with the students.
The wreaths were hung from the ceiling and became decorative displays for the Christmas event that followed.  We plan to keep in touch for the next fiscal year and would like to discuss about the “mud game project” that we had initially planned. (Osaka)

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Vision Formulation : Assignment – Class Presentation

During the summer holidays, 7 teams have been formed to conduct research in various areas as an exercise related to the Vision Formulation.

Today the groups presented the research results to their classmates. Each team utilized a different approach to the reconstruction, which gave rise to a rich and compelling discourse among the students. We aspire to continue working towards the realization of each of these plans. (Kataoka)

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Research in Iwaki

The area research team organized an onsite observation tour from August 21st through 23rd, during which they inspected the damages and assessed the progress of the recovery in Iwaki. We heard accounts of disaster experiences and got a first-hand look at the current condition of the city. We met with local artists and other creative minds to hear to their post-earthquake activities.
On the last day, each member chose a theme, formulated plans of coverage and spread out in the city. Following our investigations, members reported back to the group to share the information retrieved. We were all able to interact and empathize with residents on an intimate level. Previously our only source was the media, but this tour allowed us to fully realize the situation in Iwaki through hands-on fieldwork.

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Iwaki 1

We are in Iwaki for our research project.
We examined the post-disaster activities of the Iwaki City Art Museum and Alios, Iwaki Performing Arts Center. A particularly impressive workshop explored the psychological insights of color-by-number exercises. An exhibition showcasing creations of the participants is due to be held at the end of June; it is our intention to return to Iwaki to attend the opening.

The grand and beautiful Alios, Iwaki Performing Arts Center.


Launch of the CR project’s webpage

We are proud to present the website for the Creative Reconstruction Project! This page will serve as a platform for announcements and reports related to the program. For reference, this project will be commonly called the « CR Project », as an abbreviation of « Creative Reconstruction Project ». (Kataoka)