Art Environment Support


Outline of the Curriculum
 Art Environment Support was founded in 2003 in order to train art supporters. This program covers a field of the theory and practice of the support and promotion of artistic activities through the improvement of artistic environment based on the studies of museology and

Students are required to take classes in the knowledge and practice of broad areas of art and design, as well as specialized subjects on the art environment support including gallery planning, support for art learning, art writing, etc. Graduation thesis is required to finish the program.

Lectures and Seminars

  • Freshman : Basic research methods and practice
    ・Introduction to the theory of art
    ・Western art history
    ・Introduction to the art environment support
    ・Basic seminar on art practice, etc
  • Sophomore and Junior : Specialized subjects
    ・Planning of art exhibition
    ・Art and education
    ・Lecture and seminar on art education
    ・Management of art museum
    ・Design and education
    ・Creative art writing
    ・Field study
  • Senior : Graduation thesis
    ・Study on art environment support
    ・Graduation study

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