Art Environment Support


Our aspiration is to serve humanity by utilizing art and to explore the roles of art in society. We train professionals that can be in leadership positions in planning and implementation of assistance activities through art as well as educating personnel for it. This field of study was newly established in 2007 as the university went through organizational change.

Some of the courses offered include: theoretical aspect of art and exhibition such as Fine ArtTheory, Fine Art Collection Theory, Art Exhibition Theory, theories concerning art education and public policies such as Fine Art Education Theory, History of Art Education, Public Policy on Art and Culture, as well as courses prOViding hands-on experience in dealing with the actual planning of exhibitions of art collections at the University ofTsukuba (Art Environment Support), and art education activities (Theory in Art Education Support).

Through the above mentioned unique curriculum, students will reflect on how art is related with human well-being and human development, work on assignments both on theoretical and actual aspects of the field; and upon those bases explore new pOSSibilities in art environment support through each individual’s research projects.

Career paths for graduates

On completing the program, students could pursue a career in curatorship at museums or art galleries, art and cultural organizations as a staff member, educator at junior high school, high school or university, or practitioner or researcher as a specialist in art support in the public or private sector. Student could also proceed to the Doctoral Program to be a researcher in their field of expertise.

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