Constructive Art and Theory of Constructive Expression explore theoretical aspects of plastic art; Plastic Art and Mixed Media studies art work using contemporary media; Visual Communication Design and Visual Communication Expression examines how the property in media affects human sensibility; and Color Planning discuss research made on environmental colors and color planning.

Theory of Planning in Product and Industrial Design looks into product design through form and its function; Theory of Landscape Design discusses issues in landscape design in green tracts of land, parks and residential areas; Principles of Urban Design examines the process of urban city formation and the changes in thoughts of the dwellers as well as the changes in systems surrounding them; Building Construction discusses how building techniques have changed through time, Theory of Contemporary Architecture discusses the changing trend in contemporary buildings in Japan and western countries; Methodology of Architectural Planning and Theory of Environmental Behavior examines desirable qualities in the residential environment; and Theory of Environmental Design discusses methodology, theory and issues of passive design in architecture and urban cities.

Student's Works

Student's Works